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Our micro-group expeditions, each limited to 10 society members, are designed for food aficionados eager to sample the authentic and the rare, and fearlessly committed to experiencing local cuisine in a sincere way.

how it works

Introduce Yourself

Let us know you’re interested in joining the Palatum by completing our inquiry form.

Let’s Talk Foodie

We’ll get in touch so that you can share with us your foodie philosophy and why you would like to join the Palatum society. No membership fee required, just a love for gastronomy.


A select number of applicants will be welcomed into the Palatum, and invited to join a seasonal selection of culinary expeditions. 

palatum privileges​

  • Access to seasonal Palatum society trips
  • 10% off the booking of your first Palatum trip
  • 5% off subsequent trips when reserved in advance for next calendar year
  • Bimonthly Palatum Post featuring society news & tidbits from the culinary world
  • Sneak peek of upcoming Palatum expeditions, prior to release
  • Invitations to exclusive society member events

your seat awaits

your seat awaits

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