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Our micro-group expeditions, each limited to 10-14 culinary travelers, are designed for food aficionados eager to sample the authentic and the rare, and fearlessly committed to experiencing local cuisine in a sincere way.

Hosted by Tastemakers

From celebrated chefs and seasoned restauranteurs to world-class sommeliers and acclaimed cookbook authors, Palatum expeditions are hosted by the most notable names on the culinary scene. Ready to share their perspective on today’s food and beverage landscape, you’ll savor a world of taste made more flavorful by the sharp insights of your host.
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Connection through Cuisine

Enriching and exciting, connecting over cuisine is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So raise a glass, share a bite, discuss the best meal you ever ate. The Palatum brings together intrepid food travelers from across borders and generations with a shared appetite for travel and taste, that are just as excited about their next meal as you are.

Inspired by Immersion

Every Palatum expedition is a seasonal portrait of a delectable destination that will both inspire and immerse you in the local epicurean landscape. An appreciation of the authentic, a salute to the centuries-old, a pilgrimage to out of the way places that make a region unforgettable, our journeys will feed your imagination with experiences that get your hands dirty, fill your cup and leave you asking for seconds.

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